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Ann Kramer, Temecula Therapist and Marriage Counselor
Ann Pultz Kramer, MS, LMFT

For over thirty years I have been providing individual, couple, family and group therapy. I bring accumulated experience, skill and knowledge to help people resolve the difficult and complex problems we often face. I am actively engaged with my clients and I will give you suggestions and guidance and help you generate hope.  With couples, I avoid taking sides and teach methods of speaking and listening to one another. Whether you are an individual who has lost a sense of who you are, or a couple feeling distant and lonely, this is an opportunity for you to reach out and change the places you are stuck.

COUPLE THERAPY: Are you growing farther away with each passing day? Are betrayals, mistakes or past grudges keeping you from healing and having the relationship you want? “This is our last ditch effort” or “I love him/her but I’m not in love with him/her”. These are comments I often hear when people come to see me. But if there is a desire somewhere to learn how to find a way back to each other again, renew old passions, know that new  perspectives and skills can be acquired to live in greater connection. You probably wouldn’t be looking for someone like me unless you valued your relationship enough to find a better way. It’s common to feel hopeless when you have tried everything, but without the skills and knowledge to know how to try, you may be just walking into the wall.  Sometimes that first call can help to feel motivated, ready to make the changes that will invigorate your relationship. Whatever stage or place of relationship you are in, if you would like help, feel free tocall me and discuss an appointment.


PREMARITAL & REMARRIED COUPLES: Identify how to make your marriage a success, not just your wedding day. Learning how  will give your ceremony true and lasting meaning. And, if you are remarried, with children from one or both first marriages, learning to form a new family, you may find this an unexpected challenge. The first years may be rough, but it’s possible to find a way through the turmoil.

Learn to make the most of your relationship after the wedding day. With compassion, education and skills, you can make the changes needed for a happy and meaningful life.


INDIVIDUALS: Are you depressed…anxious… or feel as though something is missing? Is your life out of balance, lacking joy or meaning? Are you looking for a meaningful relationship and seem to be attracting the wrong kind of energy? Are you finding it difficult to say no to others, even when you are exhausted? Have you forgotten who you are? I listen carefully to people I work with to uncover limiting self messages, sabotaging behavior patterns, pain that is preventing them from moving forward. You may find that a new perception, skill or deeper exploration is needed in order to move forward. I will help you find the way, whatever road we take together.

We are all on a path to somewhere.   As we learn to pay attention, we can decide what direction we would like to go in on the path, and who we want to become along the way.


What can you expect from me? I often hear clients talk about experiences they have had in therapy and felt they were given little feedback, few suggestions and little energy. Even worse, some tell me they were told to get a divorce; and felt they were hopeless. I will treat your relationship with the serious attention it deserves. I am “marriage-friendly” and support the unique value of commitment in relationships. Whether to stay or leave, however, is your relationship decision to make. I have a unique developmental approach to couples in which you can learn the value and methods to express your feelings and needs,  tolerate differences and understand the meanings of what your partner is asking for.

What do I ask of you? Therapy will have more success when you bring to the process as much hope and desire for change as you can, willingness to look at yourself, and patience for the new behavior patterns to “take root.” No matter how skilled a therapist may be, you will not make progress without an intention to make changes and experience some discomfort until new ways of being bring the relief and happiness you are searching for.

My Southern California location is in Temecula, ten minutes from Murrieta. Temecula office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM. Phone calls are received Monday-Friday.

Are you ready to create  changes together to improve your life and relationships? Would you like to live more fully and authentically?  I realize it’s a risk to take the first step and reach out for help. You can expect few changes in your life, however, without some risk and effort. It helps to have someone working on your side, to bring harmony and happiness to your life again and to your home. Reconnect… to yourself… and one another again. If you would like to contact me, you can do so on the website, but I prefer to discuss the very personal questions you have on the phone. Through therapy we can work together toward creative solutions, with deeper compassion, for greater connections.