I can be reached by phone or by email at You can contact me with any questions, information or concerns you may have, but please leave a telephone number where you can be reached, and the best times to reach you so I can respond.

I prefer to discuss any questions or concerns with you by telephone. Email in my work is limited, as the nature of what we do is personal.  Your voice, my voice, and our connection is clearer on the telephone. If you do contact me by email, please keep email contacts to initial contact only. Email is not an acceptable method for cancelling an appointment.

Sometimes you may reach a voicemail. Don’t be discouraged!!! I answer all my calls quickly. I may be in session, so leave a message and I, in return, will call you back very soon, hopefully within a few hours, but always no later than 24 hours!

If you prefer to send an email, Always leave your telephone number as some email replies are screened out by spam filters and may not reach you. Also, keep in mind that an email may not be responded to as quickly as a phone message.

If you are an individual and very unsure about whether you need therapy, you can take the “Do I Need Therapy Test” in the Therapy Center at

This assessment takes approximately 20 minutes and will highlight areas in which therapy might be beneficial.