Family Therapy

Family Therapy in Temecula

Are you considering family therapy?

  • Do you desire a closer relationship with your children?
  • Are family members experiencing conflict or avoiding one another?
  • Have you joined two families together , but it isn’t exactly working out to be the Brady Bunch? More like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s?
  • Are one or more family members struggling to adjust to a loss, a change, a divorce or other problems?

Why family therapy?

Family therapy is a helpful way for everyone to come together for a period of time without computers, i-pods, televisions, play stations, x boxes and other distractions and learn to talk to one another. It can provide a climate that feels safer for everyone to begin to discuss their feelings they may otherwise by uncomfortable or unsure about discussing. Family sessions also help member air concerns and resolve problems together constructively.

What if one person doesn’t want to come?

Sometimes one member of the family feels reluctant to attend because they feel they might be singled out or targeted as the problem in the family. I avoid this by encouraging all family members to attend and exploring how everyone in the family may be contributing to the situation. Once they attend, they actually are surprised to find that others do share the family problem. In this environment, they are often motivated to look at their own issues and work on them, without an environment of blame.

Other reasons families attend therapy

Sometimes, a family experiences a significant loss and it is difficult for them to talk about it at home. A family may need professional assistance to grieve the death of a family member, friend or even a pet. Divorce and integration of blended families can produce conflict, stress and tension that a therapist can help the family to address.

Families can learn new skills that they can then take home to develop happier patterns of living together. I have helped many families work through difficult times and build greater family connections.

I am a member of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists.