Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling in Temecula

Premarital Counseling“I’m thinking about marriage commitment, but I want my commitment to be for a lifetime”

How do I know that this is the right person for me ?When almost half of marriages end in divorce (it’s recently declined, you know), how can I tell if my marriage will survive? My parents divorced, and it seems as though all around me, all I see are broken relationships. How do I learn how to do this better than my parents did?

What is premarital counseling?

It seems that many people, unfortunately, give more energy and thought to their weddings than to their marriages. Today, we are accustomed to throwing away things we are finished with, computers, cars, appliances, just to get a new one. And that sometimes carries over to friends and spouses, and people just move on to the next relationship. Premarital counseling or therapy helps to launch successful and long lasting relationships and establishes positive patterns of communicating, realistic expectations and knowledge of some of the common pitfalls to avoid. It assesses your relationship strengths and identifies areas of vulnerability that can be strengthened. This can be done in a less structured talk format or by use of the Prepare/Enrich Inventory for couples.

Premarital counseling helps to build a strong foundation for an enduring relationship through skill building and demonstrating to one another an early commitment to the success of the relationship.

What is the Prepare/Enrich inventory?

The Prepare is the most commonly used pre-marital assessment instrument. The Enrich is the same survey that can be used for married couples who want to reassess themselves and their strength and growth areas. It focuses on 12 important areas including communication, conflict resolution, sexual functioning, parenting, financial concerns, family relationships, and more. In addition, it measures four personality styles that are especially important in marital functioning and communication. The inventory takes approximately 40 minutes.

Ann is certified to administer and provide feedback and training with the Prepare/Enrich Inventory. Many couples find this instrument useful in identifying areas for focus in therapy.