Resources & Links

The resources below offer support on a wide variety of concerns. Each link opens in a new browser window.

General Resources

Resources for Marriage And Pre-Marital Relationships

I have a definite bias toward marriage and these websites will help you with tools and ideas to help you stay in your marriage and work out problems you are experiencing. They are a good adjunct to therapy.

Divorce Resources

Although my preference and energy is to help couples stay in their relationships, sometimes people feel they cannot work it out or are coming to me to deal with a breakup they have already decided to go through with. In those situations, these sites may be helpful.

  • Divorce Busting Articles to help you to try to find a way to prevent divorce
  • Divorce Plus (Resources and support if you are deciding to divorce)
  • Divorce Net A family law library of information
  • Divorce Online Information for those who are divorcing, including helpful articles

Personality Inventories

You may wonder why you do some of the things you do at times. And you may wonder why your partner does some of the things he or she does at times. Personality accounts for many of the strong inclinations in ourselves that may be consistent and difficult to change. With understanding, however, we can be more patient with ourselves and with others. Here are a few useful tools for self understanding:

  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter A widely used temperament inventory which is easy to complete and will give you general and specific temperament information which is helpful in deciding careers, interests, and compatibility. Take the test. Keirsey Interpreter Interpret your results at:
  • Meyers-Briggs Inventory and 16 PF Personality Inventory The original and most widely researched personality instrument on which the Keirsey was based. The four main personality types and 16 subtypes are based on original tenets of Carl Jung and have been widely researched. The 16 PF gives information on a continuum of 16 personality variables, for additional information.
  • Leisure Work Search A career direction tool based on leisure interest inventory

Parenting Resources

Aging Wonderfully

  • AARP Plethora of information for living well in later life
  • ElderNet An assortment of information on health, housing, legal, financial, retirement, lifestyles, and news for seniors
  • RealAge Take the realage test and find out if you are aging well or if you need to make a few changes. The test compares your actual age with your real age based on your health and lifestyle habits. The test results give you a printout of your “real age” and suggestions for improvement. Free of charge

Depression, Anxiety And Grief Resources As Well As Additional Adult Issues-

Abuse And Trauma Recovery

Addictions Resources

  • Web of Addiction Links to 12 step and other resources for various addictions, including but not limited to substances and alcohol
  • SOS Society for Sobriety that assists people to sobriety without the use of spiritual if they are uncomfortable with 12 step approach
  • AA Local information about alcoholics anonymous groups
  • Alanon/Alateen Information for partners and family members of alcoholics

Eating Disorders Resources

Support Groups

Places to look for support groups: